Long sleeve dresses

  • 517305-1

    Denim dress with adjustable sleeves

    Sale! 49,95 34,97 (Tax included)
  • 517314-1

    Lactancy dress with knot

    44,90 (Tax included)
  • 517302grey-1

    Tricot striped dress with contrast on sleeves

    Sale! 54,95 38,47 (Tax included)
  • 527322pink-1

    Long sleeve printed dress

    Sale! 54,95 46,71 (Tax included)
  • 516317-1

    Velvet nursing dress

    Sale! 39,91 19,95 (Tax included)
  • 516312-1

    kakhy round cut fleece dress

    Sale! 39,91 19,95 (Tax included)
  • 516307-1

    Printed dress with adjustable sleeves

    Sale! 39,91 19,95 (Tax included)
  • 516305-1

    Printed dress with belt

    (Tax included)

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In this section you will find long sleeve maternity dresses. These dresses are perfect for low temperatures. Here you can find a great variety of long sleeve maternity dresses, you have different styles, fabrics, colors and prints to choose.  All of our garments will bring you great comfort.

You can wear our dresses with maternity thighs on winter. Here you will find dresses that can be adapted to different looks. You can choose a basic dress for a day-to-day look or a formal one for a special occasion. All our dresses are made to fit perfectly your body, making you feel very beautiful and comfortable all the time.

Long sleeve maternity dresses