Long sleeve shirt

  • 517413-1

    Checked shirt with front pockets

    Sale! 44,95 31,46 (Tax included)
  • 517405-1

    Formal lactancy striped shirt

    Sale! 44,90 35,92 (Tax included)
  • 527402blue-1

    Printed long sleeve v-neck shirt

    24,90 (Tax included)
  • 527407navy-1

    Long sleeve printed shirt with v-neck

    26,90 (Tax included)
  • 527408pink-1

    Long sleeve pink poplin formal shirt

    Sale! 39,95 33,95 (Tax included)
  • 516409blanco-1

    White peak neck blouse

    Sale! 29,90 14,94 (Tax included)
  • 516409negro-1

    Black peak neck blouse

    Sale! 29,90 14,94 (Tax included)
  • 516405-1

    burgundy checkered t-shirt

    (Tax included)
  • 516406vino-1

    Low cut burgundy formal t-shirt

    Sale! 29,90 14,94 (Tax included)

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In our ohma!’s long sleeve maternity shirt section. You have at your disposal a selection of maternity shirts. These shirts are designed to fit your new figure during all your pregnancy.

You can be always trendy with our cloths. Although it sometimes is difficult to choose what to wear, do not give up on feeling beautiful and feminine during pregnancy.  Long sleeve maternity shirt  are versatile garments and very useful for different occasions. In this section you will also find  shirts for nursing. Due to its design it will be very easy to breastfeed your baby.

Maternity long sleeve shirt