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Few experiences in life of a human being have relevance and meaning for a woman to be pregnant and give birth.

It is impossible to know how much of this transcendence affect the woman herself , her partner and their immediate environment but we should be aware that this enormous change is going to operate in our lives and the benefits it will bring us prepare to live it

Ropa ohma!

We want to accompany you in this wonderful way to an amazing life adventure and start with some obvious physical changes. pay attention to your new sensations , to the wisdom of your self, signals in physical form or emotions that shows your body

It is a magical time to be transformed into life. it’s your dream , it’s your miracle.

The universe has everything ready for us to meet and that we form a special and necessary merger. Come in the ohma! Barcelona world and start enjoying all this is happening you keeping your essence of woman.

Motherhood is a significant change in your life and we devote all our efforts and enthusiasm to make you feel beautiful, comfortable and that you remain loyal to your look. We will support you in your maternity stage to make the way easier .

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Passion for your dream !

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